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Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

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Our courses are offered on a first come and first served basis.  To confirm your place on each course you must pay the agreed fee.  We offer a full refund on the courses 10 days before the start date. We also have a 72 hour cancellation policy across our courses which will allow you to roll your payment to participate in a future course at no additional charge.

All courses with a short film component requiring script development offer no refunds, as once you have paid for a role, extensive work begins with writing the script and developing the characters.  Please ensure that the dates are applicable to you and that this is something you want to do before applying. 


All media (stills, videos, films) belong to Acting With Method and can be used to promote our services on our website and social media.

Each actor has the right to use images of themselves and videos featuring themselves as they see fit.

Films made on our courses cannot be shared without written approval of Acting With Method as they may be applying for film festival exhibition which would require that the films are not publically viewable.  Actors can of course take scenes that feature themselves and use them as part of their showreels.