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This is a fantastic opportunity to work on a short film written specifically for the actors by our multi-award winning filmmaking team, producing a stunning short film. This short film will be edited, graded, scored and mixed before being sent to film festivals. The project will generate great material for its actors, IMDB credits and boost their Mandy and Spotlight CVs.

Starting with two days of rehearsal and screen prep before moving in to the shoot with a full crew

2020 Dates

  • January 25-26 & February 1-2

  • July 11-12 & July 18-19

  • September 19-20 & September 26-27


"Being able to see the edit process go from first assembly, fine cut, final cut, sound mix, grade and then the final delivery has been hugely helpful in understanding the whole process beyond acting"


As filmmakers, Gary Grant & Bruce Melhuish have produced, directed and shot over 20 short films.  These short films have gone on to be Academy Award short listed and have won prestigious awards at festivals around the world.

We will produce a professionally made short film driven by great performances. Once complete the film will be submitted to festivals and the actors can use it to boost their showreel, gain IMDb credits and add to their Mandy and Spotlight CVs.


Our​ aim is to develop a story with a number of threads designed to highlight the qualities of each actor.  As the story evolves these individual stories will crossover.


With Gary Grant directing, Bruce Melhuish as cinematographer we will bring together a crew of sound recordists, make up artists and production team to deliver an excellent film mastered in 4K.  Once we wrap on principal photography we will edit, grade, score, ADR and mix the film before screening it for everyone to see before submitting to festivals.

To join the production of this short film please get in touch with us now to discuss and book your role.