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Intensive master class training

Pushing actors to perform to new levels and feeling at ease with the technical requirements of screen acting this course ensures you excel on camera and progress your career.

Key Course Components

Script analysis, physical continuity, the screen technical requirements, understanding framing, responding to direction and ultimately performance & character creation ultimately leading to the production of a short film.


Short Film

Taking all that that the actor learnt straight on to the production of a short film written specifically for the actors by our multi-award winning filmmaking team, producing a stunning short film. This complete short film will be edited, graded, scored and mixed before being sent to film festivals.  The project will generate great material for the actors, IMDB credits and boost their Mandy and Spotlight CVs.

2020 Dates

Five Saturdays 10am to 6pm and shooting 8am to 8pm on the final Saturday and Sunday

  • February 29 to April 5

  • May 23 to June 28

  • October 31 to November 29

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Along with the primary process of taking your screen acting ability to the next level, this intense course will take you into the real world of making a film as ultimately we will produce a professional scene for each student which will be shot in 4K, edited, graded and sound mixed.


To elevate your screen acting ability to the next level. Our lecturers use their unique philosophy and step by step process to prepare students for the real world of film and television. We'll cover all of the disciplines that every professional actor needs to know in order to create a character, deliver a performance and work to the level required on every professional set.


Advancing all of the processes required to ultimately raise your performance level, this is done through a process of elimination and progression, we'll cover script analysis, physical continuity, understanding framing, responding to direction and ultimately performance & character creation. We also look at real world skills including marks, eye-lines, pick-ups, ADR and how to work in difficult environments.

The course will take you behind the camera too, showing how and why decisions are made - enabling you to better understand the filmmaking process.


During the course will shoot scenes that are beautifully lit and can make great additions to the actors showreels.  This process ultimately prepares the actor for the short film production.


As filmmakers, Gary Grant & Bruce Melhuish have produced, directed and shot over 20 short films.  These short films have gone on to be Academy Award short listed and have won prestigious awards at festivals around the world.

We will produce a professionally made short film driven by great performances. Once complete the film will be submitted to festivals and the actors can use it to boost their showreel, gain IMDb credits and add to their Mandy and Spotlight CVs.

With Gary Grant directing, Bruce Melhuish as cinematographer we will bring together a crew of sound recordists, make up artists and production team to deliver an excellent film mastered in 4K.  Once we wrap on principal photography we will edit, grade, score, ADR and mix the film before screening it for everyone to see before submitting to festivals.


All work done in front of camera will be made available for you to download on a weekly basis.

A Headshot session to get you thinking about the process of headshots and the kind of roles you want to be seen for. See our headshots section for more details of the process.