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As a cinematographer and photographer Bruce has 15 years of experience working with and lighting actors for films, commercials, and photographs.

Bruce prides himself on working openly with actors to take great photographs that make you look good and meet your needs as an actor.  There are lots of options for taking your photos - including working in the studio which has great studio lighting and natural light, we can also venture out and about to shoot on the street or in a park.

If you have any questions please email Bruce: bmelhuish@gmail.com



  • 2 hours* working with Bruce

  • Unlimited number of pictures taken

  • minimum 150 contact sheet will be made available within 24 hours

  • 2 images** will be retouched and cropped to perfection

  • The favourite images in colour + B&W will be sent to you via email.

  • All your photos will also be available for you to download.

* If you'd like more time to shoot in the studio and venture out to the street or park we can add additional hours at £40 per hour.

** If you'd like more than two photos, additional photos will be retouched for £24 each. Additional retouching of your chosen image will be done for £18 per photograph.